Looking for a new book to add to read this year?  I sometimes…

Looking for a new book to add to read this year? 

I sometimes get in a reading rut where I read the same types of books over and over and have to make a conscious effort to switch it up. (It helps that I try to alternate fiction and nonfiction.)

I created the 2013 Reading Challenge as an easy and fun way for me (and you) to fit more varied books in this year. A lot of people create goals of reading a certain number of books in a year, but I think that can be stressful or worse—you may end up racing through shorter, mediocre books in order to reach your quota for a given month. I used to try and race through books in order to tick them off a numbered list, but I’ve found that it’s more challenging and enjoyable to try and read books that are outside my comfort zone, or in a genre I’m not familiar with or that I haven’t read in years. 

I created the below lists as a way to get started, but the books I’ve listed for each section are just my personal recommendations. The important thing is not to read any of them just because I’ve listed them here—you should only read them if they jump out at you as being interesting or worth your time. 

Above all, reading should be fun. I used to feel like I had to finish every book I started no matter how much I hated it or how bored I got. I don’t do that anymore. If I’m not enjoying myself, I don’t finish the book. You know yourself better than anyone! Only choose what you know what will bring you genuine pleasure and enjoyment. (And won’t be a waste of your time!) 

Have fun and let me know what books you pick in each category! I’ll keep you updated by posting reviews here when I’m finished.

Read a childhood favorite you haven’t picked up in years.

Read a nonfiction book about religion or religious culture (or the lack thereof).

Read a classic you haven’t touched since high school English.

Read a popular historical fiction novel.

Read a nonfiction book or memoir about an illness or disease.

Read an entire popular YA book series.

Read a book that was made into a movie or television show released within the past year. 

Read one of the books on New York Times reviewer Michiko Katutani’s Meanest Reviews list and decide for yourself whether the meanness was warranted.

Read one of Amazon’s Editors’ Picks for January 2013.

Read a nonfiction true crime book.

Read a book about a sport that usually doesn’t interest you in the slightest.

Read a collection of short stories.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you have any books to add to these lists? What will you read in one of the categories?

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